What is Snapchat? 



You’ve probably heard this phrase yelled by adults and teenagers while taking their phones out with a group of friends. This mobile app that sends videos and photos has become a popular tool to interact and share moments to an online community nowadays. So what if it sends videos and pictures? Haven’t we heard of that one before? Well, one of the things unique about this mobile app is that it SELF-DESTRUCTS! To be more precise, pictures and videos you have sent would disappear after a few seconds of a person viewing it which makes what you share at the moment stay in the moment. 

See how a caption adds meaning to a simple picture like empty chairs?

Another fun thing about Snapchat is you can draw doodles, add captions, or add graphic effects over your videos or photos making your videos or photos to be witty and creative as ever. Imagination is your only limit.

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Snapchat also has a feature called My Story. It is basically a sequence of photos or videos each with a maximum duration of 10 seconds and lasts for 24 hours before Snapchat permanently deletes it. 2015-01-02-snapchatstories