Part 1: Introduction

A Primer on Reddit

reddit logo
The reddit logo

Reddit is a website, a collection of entries submitted by its registered users. It is a community where people could submit links of a picture, an article or a video. It could also be defined as a social news website and forum where stories are socially curated and promoted by its site members through its upvote and downvote system. The website is actually made up of “sub” reddits which are all their own communities. Its rich collection of new and good quality information could be attributed to its voting system and its moderators who strictly enforce rules on each and every subreddit.

Any individual may make an account for reddit and join any community they wish. Unlike Facebook or other social media platforms, reddit uses a subcategory kind of system in order for users to easily search and sort through information. Reddit uses a format for subreddits for easy access. The format is: /r/subreddit. Reddit has a lot of subcategories, such as /r/music, /r/art, /r/politics, and many more. Even subreddits have its own subcategories if users want to be very specific. There is probably a subreddit for any topic that could be conceivably thought of by a person. One must ensure that the link that they are going to submit are at least related or conform to what the subreddit is all about, i.e. you cannot post about cooking on r/music, or pottery on r/cars.

Users may also comment on any link posted on reddit, but that does not mean that they are allowed to comment vulgar and unhelpful comments. Reddit encourages their users to avoid going off-topic when commenting on a post.