tinder-012What is Tinder?

Are you the type of person who often lurks around the internet reading posts of your crush, friends and random people?

If yes, we bet you have heard of Tinder.

This application is a free dating app that was made for people in searching others who finds another person that is nearby to them and has the same interest as well. Tinder is linked to another application, which is Facebook, to find people that could have the same connections or mutuals based on who your friends are.

In the past versions of Tinder, they allow people as young as 13 years old to access the application freely without any consent and restrictions. If you are within the age of 13-17, those people within the range, as well, are the only ones whom you can see and match with; they are not allowed to go beyond the legal age. This might be because the application were protecting the minors and the adults from connections between the age to avoid violations within the law. Nevertheless, we commend how Tinder now prevented people ages from 13 to 17 in using the application.

Is Tinder for Male to Female only?

Tinder is very liberated and open to all gender as well. It does not only scope for male to female only, and you can even decide for who you are interested with.

If you are a female and want to see people with the same orientation, you could change your interest on the settings section, and same goes with men.
Users of this application should not worry if the people they see are into your orientation, because all people you swipe in are at the same interest as you want based on what were set on your settings.